Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tale of the Sky and the Earth

A calm brewed a storm,
As the heat beat upon,
As the clouds move in from the sea,
This is the time of the North-East.

As I watch from the grilled window-
The stars that greet me, are no more.
I see a sullen downpour,
Angry and vengeful.

The sky saw itself upon the Earth
And wanted to show his mistress her face;
He told the sun to be harsher,
And stole all the water away.

But now the mistress was parched
And guileless- soon the sky lost faith.
In vain anger he cursed and bullied,
And hopelessly he cried.

And then he opened his eyes,
Only to see his mistress was alive!
He blushed and gushed,
And cried even more,

Till the land was chocked to her sight.
Now he told the sun to be kind to her,
In hope that they live happily ever after,
But the sun was mean and harsher.

Some days he beat upon her hard,
Others he left her to drown and laughed.
yet she never lost her faith or heart,
And took it all without placing fault.

And again and again he had to cry,
Just to see her alive.
He shall one day see her die,
When no more tears will roll by.

But till that day,
The Earth shall wipe his tears away,
And stand up to the mighty sun,
Take on his loveless rays.

She nay cares or fears,
For the sun can never get too near.
She rides around in her own path,
The sky and she, just a few yards apart.

The Light Shines The Brightest
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