Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An accident

This stillness, that everything seems to possess.
The way, every second stands still-
And makes you take notice. 

Like an ant walking across the floor,
Like a bird scaling the skies,
Like a diamond shining in light,
Like the moments before you die.

Time seems to stand and watch,
Everything seems to freeze,
The moment seems to last forever.

The desperation, the pain,
And then the knowledge,
That you might not feel it anyway.

Blaring headlights, head towards you,
However far, the speed and the stretched second,
Makes it all seem even more present and real.

One instance everything seems to be alright,
And the next-life is never the same again.

Albeit a few scratches, you have never felt so mortal-
The danger was imminent, yet it never happened.

The way you waited for the inevitable to happen,
The sudden peace and acceptance which you feel-
Even when another part of you tries to live.

Moments later, everything comes alive-
Nothing really did happen.
You get up, look around,
And sit down to set the shock settle in.

A moment,
It was meant to happen?

But never again,
Will you feel like before-
For everything will be different, henceforth.

The Light Shines The Brightest

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