Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My city

A rendezvous-
A touch,
A wink-
That feeling.

Dream on.
What's reality anyway?

The sun makes you dizzy,
The old roads, boast-
Of travellers and bulldozers.

This place where you have lived in,
This place where I live in,
The left, the right, the straight,
The long jams and the wait!

What keeps you moving?
The stinking rivers?
Legend has it that they were clean.
The men of supposed wisdom?
Look at their dreams and visions.

Your blood.
Their spirit,
Your heart.

Take me higher,
Make me bolder,
Let us grow together!

My city,
The sun shines on,
The waves crash upon,
Life goes on,
Here, I belong.(?)
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