Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Towards tomorrow

For the world we live in,
Let us take today and create a tomorrow.

The unseen white of peace,
Hidden in the breeze.
The winds of tranquillity,
Shift the sands of time,
And mould a wet ground,
Upon which a world is found!

Within we march, towards infinity-
The undefined end, always above the horizon.

And the grains burst against
Each other and the friction
Sows the seeds of evolution.
Upon a generation,
Morrow dawns,
A fresh day is born.

We move.
We lead.
We march-
To infinity.

Rise above vice,
See within and realize,
We are what we think we are.

A man who learns to climb a mountain,
Can climb all that he sets his eyes upon,
But one who lazes on the plains,
Will stay and remain,
Fall behind and becomes affright,
And to the darkness criticize.

Yet, every window, lets in light.
Let the drapes stay wide,
Bask, feel and shed fear,
Watch and hear,You are HERE.

Act, and prod,
play your part,
Oppose or with the flow,
Don't sink below.

Towards tomorrow.
Here we go!

The light shines the brightest
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