Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let fly

Kirti had posted this on his fb and asked us to say what we think about this :) Well this is what I wrote :D

If I can roam today,
If I can break free,
And feel the glee.

If I can change,
If I can morph,
And tear apart the chains,
And then regain,
And forget the mundane.

If I can touch the wings,
If I can be pulled away,
I will no more be afraid.

I shall bind you not-
Carry my dreams,
Aloof and afar!

Drop a seed,
In another's heart,
And let me see it grow,
Before I finally depart.

Wings of freedom,
You are my child,
You are my dream
I nurtured and fed,
Break free,
Let me feel,
let me see,
Let me believe,
that this not the last.

Carte Blanche!
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