Monday, October 19, 2009

What is this world?

An infinite rhythm flows through
And within a joy spreads.

If oneness is everything,
Then unity is called love.

Peace is understanding the unity,
Which exists ubiquitously around.

In peace, there is that joy,
Timeless, that which remains forever.
Yet it does seem to disappear,
When we are moved,
And our balance is dispersed,
It seems to vanish to somewhere within;
As the cobwebs gather, it is almost forgotten,
But a spark relights it again and verses again begin.

Every time we feel the energy move,
Every time we feel the present to be a de javu,
We open ourselves to the world,
The universe is one with us.

For everything of one,
Shall be of that, for no change
Can change the roots,
Nor can there be a negation,
For one is one, though
Within it is three-
The plus, the minus and the object.

The propensity of love,
Causes and from such causation,
Evolves a world,
Where progress to singularity
Is the motive-Individuality
Of each of the one, moving
To form pieces of the song,
Together everything does belong.

Merchant shores do move,
And the sky harbours wishes,
Yet as one does stand on Earth,
Arms outstretched, everything converges-
Energies seek unity, for peace be,
We all try to reach that which we seek.

We seek nothing but understanding,
First of our want and then the satisfaction.
From that another one does grow,
And as a higher need does feed our growth,
We grow into the knowledge our of own.

From such a cognition, does come,
The know how of self,
And the phantasmagoria called life.
Life is a mere an activity,
That which has risen out of need-

The need to know the recesses
The need to feel pain and the guilt,
Without which, we will wilt.
Belief is not in seeing or understanding,
But belonging- unless the worlds are one,
There is no sense of day and night,
For that which exists shall always do.

Yet if everything is as such,
All that we fell can be, of our mind,
Fragments of imagination.
And unless we are sure,
That our feet are on the ground,
How can we know we are bound?

Laws are meant to stop predicaments,
Gods are meant for controlling humans-
For the God is whence came the origin,
The one complete being.

Such a complete one,
Is found in all, adroit,
Alive, the force called life.
And in such a force it moves,
Everything to completion,
An eternal perfection,
Where nay exists dark or light,
For everything falls into one ocean,
In which the system moves as one,
And such a one stays still,
Windless, for it has dissolved the air,
And in such stillness it lives eternal.

Or such may be a fragment of a greater,
Who knows? For always there is something
Beyond everything, and all we can tell is that
Ultimately that there is something
And we are a part of such.

For a dot, it represents the line,
For a circle, the tangent is a point.
And if we are nothing more than that,
One in a line of continuum, of perceptual
force or forces that move and shift forever,
We are aware of as much and none more.

But if every dot, does carry the same current,
Then as that we know, everything in this world,
For who can hold the one force within called life,
For belief is faster than hope, it does remove
Any chance of fear, guilt or self-reproach.

Such a belief is one gained out of presence,
Either as a viewer or as one who takes part-
When either we are a catalyst or the one
Who uses another such to renown the 'I'.

When we are nothing more than a molecule-
Of water, when we conduct everything that is,
When we are a solvent to everyone,
Then we know that the Earth does exist.
Until such a time, the world is as hard as a rock
But as real as the mists that engulf them.

And if a drop in a glass can be understood,
Can we then say we are fastidious,
And thus since everything is one,
There is none left for us to learn?

Or is such knowledge meant to open a portal,
Through which we reach another world,
From where more paths lead,
And there we choose again,
The way we want to reach?
If from a single thought,
Everything arose,
Now can it all be gone,
As and when the force chooses?
Or is it that every progeny,
Will go on and on,
And then many more shall rise,
Till at last we are left in a world of our's?

And if everything is of the 'I',
Then am I under my own spell?
Is there a way to reach,
Beyond this reach,
And see the true reality?
Or is me being lead now, a fantasy?
Then what is reality?
When can we ever know where we are,
If everything is just another power.

What is the use of the world then,
With its prayers and pains,
If as it is everything does remain?

But nothing can be at rest,
And so we say the sands shift,
And in some space we drift.
Who has seen this to say such,
Unless of course we can project
Our heads upwards to the stars,
Amongst the planets and cloudy plains?

And if we do believe that,
Then we say everything beyond moves,
So if everything moves on itself,
In itself as well, then what is it that holds
To create a world and a base?
If that thing is that one,
Then why does it do so?
What is the use of anything
Unless we do know why we are?

All we claim is that the song must be sung,
But why? Is there a world beyond?
Are we nothing but a book, masters
And slaves which another carves-
What we crave is a mere wish,
Of another which through thoughts
Tries to stitch a world whence
It can draw upon strength and morals?

And if that is what we are,
Then we have no control over anything.
The wind will blow as per the wishes,
Waters will breach shores and it shall.

For tales and lore are our remembrance-
The painter does image a girl that he paints,
So does the thinker, the people the thinker thinks.

But what if, it is none such,
what if it is another way,
Which we have failed to see.
What if such reasons are beyond us?
What if it is better we remain neutral?

But then isn't our agnosticism or disbelief,
A product of such as well? We can otherwise
Be harsh and be men of weird wisdom,
Declaim every notion and pinpoint on evolution.

Yes, that is true as well,
But to what vain oh! Brothers
Of reason? Can you say love is chemical
And none more, For bonds are fostered
By heat or physical force- not of the ulterior
Called love, where you can hold a lass and chant
A verse and lose your self in beauty, a moment
Which lasts forever and ever and ever?

Maybe the world in truth is such,
A frozen moment, forever.
And within the two as words flow,
Thoughts do ponder and blood flows
And we are nothing but that;
We will then be children of two,
Who became one, upon unison.

And as everything remains and watches,
The world will go on and on.
The kiss that lasts forever,
If not in poetic vanity,
Than is justice, For everything
That flows will flow
And a boulder has to be there too,
For where is knowledge if not
Reason and reason if not for a want,
And want if not for a purpose
And purpose if not for a unity,
And what is unity if not for love?

A day will come when everything is known,
Till that dawn, I will search hue and black,
For knowing the magic of light.
I will see the skies and see the stars
And dream of worlds far apart.
I will wait for the day when I do know,
Till then I go, for I know,
That there is something to know.

Wonder what it is.

The light shines the brightest
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