Tuesday, November 3, 2009


From a drop of thought,
Came the world I believe in.

Trust is easier when there is optimism,
Life is smooth when there are no schisms.

So I try to forget the wars of past,
I try to elope into my thoughts.

If only the weather would remain,
So cosy and fine, with an eternal rain.

Tomorrow is etched into our future,
Yesterday couldn't have been any better.

But every thought does sally,
And then does rally.

It does lead,
Should we be?

even if not,
The wars were fought,
Why worry now, why retort?

Laze away,
Ease your day,
Take no offence,

For it is a pity,
That some are lead astray,
By psuedo piety.

Trust yourself,
And see the far away zenith,
Beneath does lie your world,

What can it be?
Today's city, is tomorrow's rubble?
Fear does move,

But in there somewhere,
We trust, that the world is not such.

History could have been,
But it was, by today never seen.

Beards and ghosts might hang on,
But why let the desperation cling on?

We all can learn, for sure, about humanity
It's long fights with it's vanity,

End of the day, summer is in May,
Today will be today, however hot it is.

So forget not to trust
In yourself and leave the rest,

To the world, around,
Watch and listen to that which surrounds.
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