Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wordless sounds

Thoughts that can blow away,
Dreams that turn into a phase;
Songs playing on,
Breath filled with understanding,
Laughter and a serenity,
Eyes closed, we sway,
To the dancing rays.

Up above the world so high,
From under the earth you did rise!
renewed spirits, revived vigour,
A new found fervour,
There is nothing better.

Purity of the sound,
Pristine music allround .  
One balance is reached,
Perfection lies in trying to meet,
For  never does it end
But always, once again begins.

Virgin sounds unmuted,
Perception- the self is elevated.
Euphoria, sustained, present,
A metamorphose, reborn,
Innocence dawns upon.

As every note is stroked,
A freshness is invoked.
A light within dances,
The warmth within prances,
Like a ocean, we are stirred
By the sounds of winds-surreal.

Like a bud woken by the first light,
The first resonate, shakes us with delight,
The World seems different,
The stones are filled with passion,
The water now full of penchant.

The movements of a violin,
Note on note, they go on kindling;
A symphony of imagination,
Draws up something to believe in.

If forever this lasts,
There will be nothing crass.
If you can hold this sweet song,
You and me can never go wrong.
If we all together can sing,
For one moment, we can bring,
The tyrant of menace
To ground and to listen
To our hearts worth and bring
A new world of no vengeance.

The power of one song,
That which can make everyone belong.
Words are not needed,
For the voices speak through sounds-
A big roar, can unwind-
Such a movement will be divine-
Our Gods will be one,
And left out will be none.

Wish I can create such a world,
Where every note knows its place,
Where everyone sets others ablaze!
I chase and chase,
Such, in my minds alley ways,
All I can hear is the tune of the base.

Till I do find, I ask,
Close your eyes 
And try to see inside-
Where you really reside.
Listen to the heart's beat,
See beyond your mind's speech.
Listen to an old tune,
Playing in you, for you.
Feel the beauty of every movement,
Be the song which you are,
The purity is there, your power,
Touch yourself and stroke through the nerves,
Sway your self to your own verse,
Say aloud, I am me.

The light shines the brightest


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