Friday, September 4, 2009

Something new has began

If we can feel something,
Only if we do feel something.

time moves on.
Seasons turn,
The sun hides behind the clouds,
Rains beat the molten tar,
The winds are a tint cooler,
Another summer has gone by,
When did May die?

Hugging the moments,
Magical and proponent.
If only April,
Would forever remain as my girl.

Old and new,
Cross waves,
Peeks and lows,
Troughs and plains,
Emotions did March.

If we can feel something,
Only if we do feel something,
Do these days seem alive.
At the moment,
Some stood and leered,
Others made you small and meek,
While a few made you alive and real.

Banes and boons,
People come and go.
You share some,
You give some,
You receive some,
A few might stay,
A few just break away,
Who can hold a lost wish,
Who can carry the world, so rich?

Ego, Haughty,
Trying to let these go,
Trying to see one grow.
Yet progress does march,
We do let a few things parch,
Lest we hold it too chose to our heart.

Cross roads,
Drills and bores,
Memoirs and fights,
But finally as the showers
Descend, something new has began.


The light shines the brightest
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