Sunday, August 30, 2009

I flee, Yet it chases me

I flee,
Yet it chases me.

A few moments of desperation,
Bubbles burst and let out the patience,
The walls seem to close
And you realize it was you who chose.
Never do you want to see the other side,
However clausterphobic this is, you want to hide.
You fear that if the walls do come nearer,
They would become thiner.
You run within,
You relay different paths,
You riot, you strike, you squabble,
Your belief in your self begins to wobble.
But then again, suddenly you take a breath,
You no more, however had you try , can fret.
The space suddenly is immense,
The void between the end
And the sides and the beginning
Is too wide, for you to understand.
Hope chases, Faith tries to catch you,
Pessimistically you run,
Fatalistic you hope, you have outrun,
But the fingers do trip you,
Your heart stops racing,
The top opens up,
And you are left facing
A white moon,
An eve so cool.

Why bother what has happened?
Close your eyes and let there be a new beginning.
Let all the doors close,
Let the world oppose
End of the day,
Forget the grey,
Don't be afraid,
Wake up,
See your self in the mirror,
Smile, laugh, rejoice,
You can again make a choice.

The light shines the brightest
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