Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am me

The moment of glory,
And everything seems as bright;
Yet as fast as a sailing cloud,
It fades into our flippant memory.

A need to break free,
A need to let your mind flee
The binds of basic needs
And supposed duties;
If only, you could burn
Into ashes and flow,
So that you aren't a mountain
Dreaming of a distant ocean.

Stuck, leveled,
When did you choose
And how did you choose-
Serenity is not when there is a truce.
Loquacious, you try to word
Every part of you that hurts.

The only prison is that of the mind,
And why do I, myself bind?
Fleeting, hurrying, lethargic,
A few eerie, a few genial-
Is what you hear hearsay,
And you are a contrived medial,
Your eyes but deceive and mislead
And hurl you, to die as an unborn seed?

No more, no less,
The self does repress,
Nothing can be darker than the dark,
Nothing can hide, the signs of life.

You live in a land of your own,
You see the glory of the thrown-
Not of lands and palaces,
But of petty things, which
You wish were yours,
Of those smiles of belonging,
Of that familiarity, that longing;
The castles might be there,
But you know the heart does fare,
Not in the walls but between,
So that it can be free and serene-
Walls that stand by your wish,
your poach of willed grit.

But betwixt all that lustrous
Malleability, you are stretched,
Beyond your nature's size,
And as things crack, something
New does rise-rises, arises, revives.

And your mind does reduce,
The world to a morsel of sand,
An atom of knowledge, A quark of
The Ultimate being,
You know your life,
Is there as long as you are alive,
The choice is yours,
Fear not the dark,
For you can see it only because
You have seen light.

The world is a passing blur,
At the moment of glory,
At that one point,
Every now and then,

realization dawns
And you belong,
When the past is gone,
And nothing is wrong,
When this is your song,
You are as long as it is
And you know,
"That I am me"
And you are free.

The light shines the brightest
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