Wednesday, September 16, 2009


For the stillness is my movement,
For the thought is my action.
The world just flows by,
Everything born must die.
I feel me everywhere,
I can see that this is rare.

Within the world is as it is meant,
Nothing does matter,
In this state where,

The darkness shows you light,
Where you know you don't need to fight,
Where you know that everything is right,
That it is we who can haunt ourselves and blight.

Arms out stretched, the world I possess,
And the world does possess me.
From where I came I do not know,
But I do know my way home.

The path maybe right in front of me,
But duties and goals do stop me.
Fear not I tell myself,
For though in illusions, we all dwell,
The truth we know is all and well.

Where am I do not know;
Neither do I die nor grow.
The world sways no more
And I do not move to and fro.
In this stillness, I can see the peace,
I can feel I am within reach.

If only I could dissolve in this,
If only I can live forever in my bliss.
Words are mere illusions,
Life is when there is penchant.

Ultimately, there is one thing.

There are no more boundaries,
No more are we left with sad memories,
One is all
And all is one,
If you can't see,  doesn't mean there is none.

Raise your sight and feel the fire,
Raise your eyes and feel the calm.
There is something,
That we call God,
Now you know what was that rise and fall.


The light shines the brightest
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