Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Every man has his own heaven

Every man has his own heaven,
And we do live by believing.

Upon the sands of faith's ocean-
That which seems to predate existence,
The waves of imagination do ponder
And refine the abstractions of perception.

As the sand does mat itself on the shore-
Calmed by waters, to meditate at a nexus,
The winds and storms, idyllic companions-
Belief in faith and its origin moves desperation.

When does water rest in itself? Never
Does it lie below its level, for though
It might fly high or be pushed low,
It does reform with a flourish, a flow.

The mind does wander and is pushed
And at times in it's own knowledge bound,
But as the signs of waves raise it high,
It sees itself, on level with its right.

In such heaven, with its boundries,
Chalked limitations of imagination,
An entity unifies itself with itself-
As one with the place it dwells.

As such a state does appear,
The assumptions do veer,
The man into a path of his own,
On which he can reach his shore.

Who knows what reality is?
We all live within our illusive fits.
White can reflect or shine,
Is it really a sign of peace or divine?

If our affinity is to postulates,
Where do we in reality reverberate?
If unity we all propound,
Then violence we should denounce?

If the heavens be of stars and vapors,
Solidity and solidarity with reality
Are mere imagination's helpers?
Waves are nothing but winded waters?

In heavens we all do live,
Yet, blighted by predicaments ,we are, still.
Evolution we call our disappearing sanity
And wont ignorance as age's maturity.

If my heavens were yours
Or yours mine, what will we alter?
Do we pronounce it as crude,
Our words alone being refine?

Words are nothing but arbitrary,
Virtues lead to definite proportionality.
If the waters were to dry and run affright,
The sands will be naked and cannot hide.

If we were to abide by another,
Do we then lose our sense of rational?
Do we then seek another's heaven
And deem our world as a hell?

If shrill voices make music,
Do the calm resonates become rustic?
Whose voice is it anyway,
That we give into and lose our say?

If ultimately, everything ends,
Why live till then, dependent?
Who rules the winds, that they air
The bubbles and then leave them?

If our heavens were so bright,
Why then do we lose to might?
If there can be no wrong,
Why then do we never belong?

If our veracity is deemed arrogance,
Then our pecuniary is called penchant.
Yet the skin makes the body,
As much as the flesh and blood,

So much so that if not for the raiment,
The man as a human is nonexistent.
Yet within we feel no skin, unless poked,
Threated we are not, unless our views opposed.

Without such arguments, we seek a world,
Yet if not for such, the heaven has no hue,
For if not words, it can be felt only by a few-
Heaven never does lay still in the minds.

If our heavens are a rainbow of life,
If they are a citadel of emotions,
A home of our needs and wants,
Then they are our dreams.

And if such dreams are to come alive,
Should we forget the nebulous divides?
Should we let go of our senses,
And forget the illusive fences?

Can the mind forget its body,
Can the waters forget their shores?
If so, then all the world is an abode,
Yet are these mere illusive proposals?

In our rhetoric we are lost,
When another reality comes alive,
We turn grave and become fraught
In our pitiable despondence.

Can heavens be bound to Earth?
Can Gods lose our imagination's flirt?
But our minds turn to ramify hell,
To us a martyr's wager it tries to sell.

Heaven we cry then,
Forever we have forgotten;
If our memories are anything go by,
We will go there when we die.

But I do wish, that such knots
Will be undone and our thoughts,
Will again reach for our heaven.
What's wrong if I live and believe,

That the world as I percieve,
Is as it is meant to be,
At least it does ease
My head and gives me relief.

When we do faint or sleep,
The world in reality ceases to live
And what if we are in nothing
But a forever slumber?

Death can be no angle to such,
For in what way does it matter,
If the heart beats and lungs breath,
When our souls are at peace?

If in our heaven's streets,
If in our minds streams,
We lose ourselves,
Then the world is lost as well?

Heavenward we all go,
Sometimes our worlds do converge,
We see ourselves, we are soul mates,
For a few moments, one is our fates.

Yet no two heavens are the same,
For a cloud's trail is it's alone,
Each 'I' is part of one,
Yet is a chosen one.

Each day we all seek our heavens,
Our love does guide,
Our hope we all abide,
Belief we have in our stride.

Every heaven has its integrity,
May the heavens be of our veracity,
For the truth is not the end
But means to an end,

Our goals are infinite,
Our paths our infinite,
The universe is infinite,
Everything leads to infinity.

And in such an endless world,
Let our minds run free
And heavens be dreamed,
For imagination is our right.

Let no perception block the grandeur,
Let no visage drop in ethical demeanor.
Our feet do hold on to gravity,
Yet wish to be left free.

Let our glorious heavens sing,
Let them to our lives bring,
A fresh day, with a smiling face,
No more should we bound in a cage.

Dream of heavens, live in them,
For the rocks as solid as your hand
The world is,
As stern as your demand.

One day we will reach our heaven,
Till then, we have our imagination,
Illusions as strong as the perceiver,
Good and bad have no decree;

Let us not try to defeat ourselves
By giving up our worlds,
Let us be strong, inside
And the world shall then abide.

For every man has his heaven,
And we do live by believing.

The light shines the brightest
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