Sunday, June 15, 2008


Smoke on the water;
reflections in the water.
world is directed towards water,
everything needs water.

If water ceased to exist,
everything on earth will perish.
if water dries out,
there will be no more thirsty shouts.

we are all dependent on it,
we are all controlled by it.
why we humans who are free,
bound by this one need?

if destruction was to happen,
water will be its origin,
as all came from within,
water,is a solution and problem.

If water were the right price,
then why cannot we trade by it?
if water is the absolute need,
why does everyone pollute it?

water is the quintessential need,
even if there is feed,
to live life and lead,
water is the tantamount need.

water exists every where,
even in deserts,somewhere.
It is the purest of all,
yet the dirtiest of all.

water can wash,
water can bash,
water can lash,
water can care.

to show we all deserve
water as it was.water,might be
everywhere,but still take care.
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