Saturday, June 14, 2008


my world-
i have inherited it.
It is full of all that
is not needed.
My world-
i have borrowed it,
from the future.

I have a world,
i wish to make it better.
i wish to make it better,
i want to add all that i can,
which will get it rid,
of all that is too salty
to let growth be growth.

i have a world which needs change-
people need to know love,
people should know how to bow,
with respect for themselves.

Animosity is the biggest vice,
its avarice has been filled by
poverty and illiteracy.

I have a world,
i want to change it.
I want it to be a suite,
filled with everything nice.
There should be no more lies,
there should be no more bias.

I have a world,
it needs many a changes,
i wish to eradicate jealousy.
I want people to see,
that they are what they are
meant to be.It means try to strive,
try to rise,but don't indulge in
jealousy,for what is not your's will
never be.

I have a world,
it is filled with burden,
of blind faith,
and illicit baits,
which draw the heroes
and make them late.

I have a world,
it needs some advise,
and to preach,
i need to practice,
so i try to understand
what goes by.

The world
needs something good,
first let it be food.
A few hoard them and
when questioned,people
are beaten.

I have a world
it needs change.
There is war,
there is misery,
i search for a
way to remove them.
a plant needs its sunlight,
and we have become so huge,
that our eyes no more
can see the perennial
light,so our rivers have run dry.

i have a world to save,
it is for the future's sake.
It is left to you,
who i trust and me to make
it a better place,
not just for our race,
but for everyone's sake.
It is time we strengthen our base,
correct our ways,
and come out of this phrase.
For the sake of a better tomorrow.
Let not our future cry,
while we die ,
let earth be the place of life.

Inspired by this post.
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