Monday, June 16, 2008

the ever lasting observer

A few rain clouds hid you,
yet they couldn't hide you
forever.You live for ever,
our life is way too quicker.

what truth do you hold?
what do you,which was once told?
i am brave and bold,
tell me all that was unsold.

a few seconds,we live on,
a few years,you live on,
yet who is older?
is everything for the better?

as you shine and go by,
somewhere,which is really high,
tell me before i die,
all that ever went by.

i trust my light,
and i trust you-light.
so do not betray
just say.

to me tell your tales,
i want to listen,
please i will listen,
please,oh! please being!

the light shines the brightest
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