Wednesday, June 18, 2008

love-the purest

I am browsing through my drafts and found this.I think,at the time i wrote this,i didn't like,but now it seems pretty good to me :)

love is constant,
love is not dependent.
In love exists a truth,
it is the best fruit,
yet we call ourselves
sinners,for having eaten it.
All the world is with love
and hate a better part of it.
If love ceases,so does the world,
and in love there is no unity-
only love will survive,
if survival need be.
Love is not desire,
yet it is desired by.
love is not accepting,
and love has no understanding.
Love has only one,
divided into two.
Love is blind,
and there is nothing kind.
Love is love
and it is the purest.
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