Tuesday, May 6, 2008

a bunch of destinies

a bunch of destines,
all mixed up and matched
on a planet called earth.
threaded and stitched
and so complicatedly
woven that to repick
the knits,each and everything
needs to retrace its path.
yet as we move along,
we write more,
the words flow,
and brighter we glow.
in some places
we are all close,
in some places,
we are strewn.
every move we make
and every thought we
intake,we create
or destroy more love
and chaos.The balance
is so great,that even
to put a needle we
need another.While
a needle can pull
a thread,a destiny
can pull the needle.
yet everything
depends on the hand,
which decided to stitch.
if we the threads
decide to become the hands,
by changing our pattern
with our efforts,
then we can cause
what we want to.
chaos can rest, at least for a while.
we are all from the same ball
of thread,but what we are
and our path makes us different.
so brothers and sisters of me
a single thread pulled
by a needle,
let us become hands of action.
and at that, remember
we cause a reaction.
what is created will
face destruction.
so wear your self properly
and enjoy the tear .
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