Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the ferocious beast

a ferocious beast lay waiting,
for the human who came hunting.
today it wanted to end,
it wanted to mend-
and save its friends,
from the dirty hands of humans.

it decided to sacrifice,
it decided to give up its life,
for though ferocious it was
by nature,it too had heart
and love,it too had an attachment,
and it no longer could face detachment.

as the wily hunters came,
looking for game,
to tame by death,
he crouched a bit more,
it didn't matter any more,
if his legs became sore.

as the gun searched,
and as the watching bird
squinted,and as the precarious
haughty human danced
forward,he decided to strike
and no more hide.

as he came out, a shot came,
not the one to be tame,
with an ancient rhyme
in mind,the tiger proved
its grit and pouched on
the greedy poacher .

he managed to take his neck,
it was his bravery luck,
that he killed the man,
who had killed his friends.
and as the life of his pray
passed,so did the poachers.

prompt from-writer's island.
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