Monday, May 5, 2008

thoughts on the world

we need world peace,
someone needs to teach
everyone how to live,
in peace.someone needs
to give a hand,
for others to take
and with love teach
that unity is better
than animosity.
someone needs to fetch
what we all know-
the love and unity.
what do we gain
by killing others?
what do we gain
by hurting others?
once a great race
has been reduced
to such immoral lows,
that no more is there
shame in causing suffering.

and that someone is you.

all of us have a penance,
we need to put back our race.
it is all we owe
to our origin.
what went wrong ,went wrong,
everyone is equally guilty,
the wounds have been severe,
a few who were notorious and clever,
have mislead the race with a wager.

as i write i think again what is love,
what is friendship?
what is all this anyway?
why do all this?
finally we all end somewhere?
the only thing which stands
is that,it is what i owe,
it will not be sin if i don't
but misery to others is
misery to self,
without a free universe,
there will be no verse left.

lack of pain is not possible,
yet we all choose our own salt,
let it be just the right amount.
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