Monday, April 14, 2008

peeking into the corners

every corner has a demon lurking,
every day involves fighting,
running and hiding.

at every turn,
we burn,we yearn,
we heal and learn.

every step is another leap,
it is better to weep,
for nothing can seep
into our sleep
and sweep our dreams.

belief is strength,
courage is wealth-
yet a warrior's wealth
needs judgment,
for indecision
can cause inhibition
and a rhetoric resentment.

in our paths we need to fulfill,
we need to live,
need to relive,
we need to realise
that certain things energies
and certain things drain.
experience teaches us to keep away
from all that causes pain,
yet to show we are insane
and life is not mundane
we need to take on the demons,
for otherwise,
we might never know the way to heavens.

dare to peek
into the corners,
dare to seek
and you will reach the peak.
nothing is out of reach,
until you decide it is meek.

man's work is to break inability,
to achieve it or not is destiny.
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