Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a humpty dumpty like ride

there are ups and downs,
there are highs and lows,
some decide to flow
others decide to row
in the opposite direction.

at some point all of us reach,
the knife edge like place,
where we decide,
which side is more wide
or which side is better to hide.
once we dive,
there is no way back,
all we have of the past track,
are a bunch of memories,
valuable as history-
to be in awe and learn.

upon a peak,
which looks like world's end,
we face the world with no fence
and leave behind the world which defends.
every step we take,
we see the back brighter
and those who belong there wiser.
to many the plunge is a fall,
yet to a few it is a jump
to glory and peace,
the ultimate victory.
yet a few return refreshed,
by their inner self blessed
and ready to start a new quest.

every step you take,
front or back, you make
and destroy destiny;
with tenacity
you go against the tide
and decide not to hide.
the ride will have obstacles,
yet with belief we make miracles,
when we reach the destination,
we get a satisfaction.

we look back and reflect,
we no more need to deflect
what hurt us.we know
the world will be kinder
for it knows we are stronger
and better and diviner.
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