Saturday, April 12, 2008

the last human standing

the sweet laughter
and the hostility
i miss.I talk to
no one else exists.
I am the last man
on earth.My friend
is nature and i am
a survival story.
I write my name
i can roam,
i don't have a home-
all the planet
i own.I am
rare and unique-
one of a kind.
I do not hide
nor bother about
crime because
gluttonous humans
you cannot find.
i have the right-
there is no sin.
I set my laws
and break them,
i need not follow
anyone,for i
might not live
till morrow.
I don't have any
sorrow,no more
horror that
innocence will
be punished in
the name of
a false decree.
I find myself
as the last man standing,
this is a new beginning.

I write the tale
of humans-
a race which once
evolved from rubbing
stones to playing
with hormones.
the race had
the power to beat
itself down-at every
stage it hurt itself
so profound.Money
was all that life
was worth,those
who had the power
were curt
and decided it was
right to blast earth.
later we decided
we were sinners,
god( we always
talked about but never
had seen) was the one
who will kill us.
truth got covered,
masses got sucked,
lies and fear
created more pollution
and down
went the animal population.
and flora were
burnt to heat
and feed the hot race-
we shaved earth
and left it with a skull,
one which showed the scars
left by war,car and tar.
incessant, water rose,
we humans froze
as the we huddled closer
and a bid
to survive,we killed each other,
guns blazed again,but money
was lost and so was gluttony
because humanity
needed to survive-
it no more could thrive,
all were on one side,
no more laws to abide
no great caste,colour,creed
for we all needed to survive.

time passed by,
animosity grew,
the few,
who could live,
were the once
who believed
in themselves
and nature.soon
the lost pride
and couldn't hide
the fact that they
lost the race,
they committed sucide
by accusing their
comrade.I saw it all-
the last of my kind,
blood flowed,
all whom i adored
and loved
passed on,leaving me
alone,i the last man
on earth.
i know a lot,
but don't have anyone
to confess.I am
losing myself-
though i survive,
the world around
me is in a mess,
once i pass
everything will
begin afresh.
my story will live,
i will be known
as the last of an
unknown race-
to be discovered
by the next set
of creatures.
i am the last man on earth.
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