Wednesday, March 26, 2008

infinity and origin

spirit has no form,
but it gives you warmth.
there is always a calm
before a storm,
there is always peace
before we breach
the limits of the human body.
purpose driven-
we live,
trying to give
whatever we can,
back to our origin.

the world has a spirit,
which begets all life,
each spark,
has a story,
together they form
the history.
at every point where
we seek,something
infinite and fuller
and complete,
we tend to feel
insecure-like a single
fallen leaf being blown
through the skies
of humanity.

seeking materialistic satisfaction
and emotional security
and spiritual enlightenment
and trying to understand infinity,
we all dream of that
which breaks probability
in hope that all was a dream.
the evening sun's
beam-poignant and energetic
breaks even with
magic and glamour within.
yet a melancholy beats
within,unhappy that
we still haven't found
what really is within.

for a flame
for life,
as a plural,
for a flower
as a symbol,
for rain,
as a sound,
for everything
as everything
and nothing
and something
and everything
there is love-
the urge to form a nexus
and seek duality.
one in one
is in two
is in infinity
is infinity.back to the origin
we all begin
a cycle,
where the doors
are not known,
but entrances known.
when we will ken
what we desire,
will be known,
only when we
locate the door,
sparks are all before.
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