Friday, March 28, 2008

beyond this wish

"forgive me, please"
i saw her weep.
her eyes blugged,
it reminded me-she
whom i loved.
the lines of past
bonds,which now
showed signs of crack,
were back.
the great divide,
we couldn't hide,
our commitment no
more could abide.

she cried on,
i was lost beyond
her eyes,hoping
that love wasn't this,
but something stricter
where every wish,
was filled.
every tear from her,
reminded of me of my dear,
how could she be a liar?

a few lies
were all that stood between,
our emotions were never bonded,
but i still wanted
her for what she was
and not what she is.
her beauty is grace,
every time i saw her
i gained face.she never
failed to amaze me,
her actions amused me,
and taught me that
life is beyond this wish.

thoughts and wishes
which we all have,
our fable which
is fair to the wits
of all those who bare
the wits of humanity-
somewhere unknown,
which i wish to know.
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