Monday, March 24, 2008

chances and freedom

nothing to see,
nothing to feel,
nothing becomes the deal.
everyone tries to think,
but before you blink,
you sink-
into the deep abyss,
with no sight of surface.

In a need to revive,
with the bid to survive,
from deep with in,
you summon,
your dreams and demons
and fight to the top
in hope of better land.

from nowhere comes an energy,
life has chances in trilogy.
with three chances to revive,
three chances to revise
the past and clear
the air,you push against
the tumult storm,
increasing your strenght
as you go along,becoming
stronger and stronger
deriving power from your song,
knowing that good times
aren't too long.
you rise like a wishing sun,
knowing that the journey
has just begun.

chances maybe three,
but we should be ready,
to use them as we please.
what we dream is
never out of reach,
the sky is there to be breached.
destiny is a mystery,
strung from our needs
and what we give it as feed.
we can read destiny
and succeed with our
clairvoyant beast.

what we feel,
is the deal,
put your seal
and love it with zeal.
three wishes
can never be filled in three chances,
it is left to us to make our choices.
decisions you make,
are the once which will take.
so for destiny's sake,
we have to make
them ,then we will
never again be broken,
we will be past all
margins,the light
in the midst of the sea,
the gift when
we decide to be free.

where we are slave
to none but infinity,
where our indigenity
is given the respect
which we always expect.
life keeps going on faster,
every second we become freer
and better and fuller.
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