Saturday, March 29, 2008

life in infinity

today is another day,
tomorrow and yesterday
are far away.
life seems a drag,
you have become a rag,
for reality is sad.
when we blame ourselves,
we forget that there were others.
when we blame others,
we forget ourselves.
when we think we were right,
we are all ready to bite,
and even stab beloved with a knife.
saga called life,
never seems to be kind,
"god" oh! my god is blind!
blind-till you see ,
till you understand you are a kin,
of the universe's being.
all that you are seeing,
the haughty human being
and earthy things
are all an illusion,
which help crack the delusion.
illumination comes from within,
from abyss to top,
life just begins
all over again.
the past pains,
all will help us gain,
the confidence and belief
that we have the right to believe,
and be us and not somebody else.
strength derived from within
will help breaking
whatever we thought was forsaken,
the shortest way
is the closest way,
speed thrills,
life has spills,
and wills,
on the path to infinity,
we write our own destiny.
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