Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our will is what we will

for a human with a roar,
it is not about tomorrow,
it is about getting what you want in the row.
life will throw-
insults and make you want to go,
away from everything and not want more,
but it is left to us not to feel sore,
for it is left to us to open or close the door.

our will is what will,
it is from the strength within ,
we can still,
be alive with a shrill-
tuned and playable
and not being gullible,
hard and tenacious
ready to beat the world-vivacious
ready to beat the fanatics,
and over coming the lunatics
called stubborn earthlings.

our mind is our own-
no one or throne
or rules sown,
can make us moan,
when we become known
to the fact that there is a unknown.

our roar
is what will bear
weight to distant shores,
if you want more,
then think of the present hue,
the future will be filled with what is due,
the past will lose its cue,
to disturb you.

our roar,
we need to throw,
for it will survive-raw
and be taken far,
nothing can mar,
the scar by us
on this universe.
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