Monday, February 25, 2008

now and then,time to awaken

all bubbled water full of pride,
we no longer can hide
and this has led to strife.
ago-they lived life,
not at the edge of knife,
but by seeing everyone as nice.

now we are cobwebbed
at each other and frustrated
about our lives.muted
no more we are,for no more rooted,
to our culture-venerated-
we soon might become wasted.

we think now how to save-
after all that rave.
with nature we have lost enclave,
now we try to engage,
covered by many a percentage,
as how to envisage.

between now and then,
in the transmission,
we forget to ken.
between now and next gen,
we never know when,
we might lose our skin.

together we can-
with our past forgotten
and of love for human-
our unity will strengthen,
our earth will be given
what was from it taken.
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