Saturday, February 23, 2008

truth and lies

from nowhere came lives
and from no where come lies.
the truth is hardly to be spoken
lies are the best presentable token.
life has turned into full of gambits-
you cannot survive without wits.
truth and lies are knit,
so that they perfectly fit.
if you want to be,
the very best,
and have cash in the bank's chest,
and push away from the rest,
then lies are the best.
if you want to be
the trusted friend-best,
then learn to guard people like chest,
and don't push away calling them rest.
truth is the best.
truth has no form,
so people might think it is wrong.
we belong to a throng,
yet have to sing our own song-
for life isn't too long,
and sometimes its just prong.
but till our swan song,
we need to believe truth will live along.
or life's worth will be gone.
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