Saturday, January 5, 2008

to passion

life is passion
and it creates elevation.
The colours of life,
green,blue and white,
are mirrors to the soul
and make life whole.
Passionate being
it is the scope for seeing.
The world is rich,
and for eyes and image
-to stitch,passion
is the fixation.

Sound of music
and the football kick,
the life of science,
the life of marine,
the heart of universe,
all in passion immerse.

Passion the word,
which guides,passion
which creates and revives.
Passion one so fond,
which last many a dawn.
Passion one so close,
one too hard to break.

Life is passion
of a being in elevation.
vertigo into depths
and the need for quest,
the urge to reach the
chest,and to see west
and be the best,
is a expression
of passion.

words join,
some pain,
some go vain,
some drive insane,
some are mundane.
some we inhale,
so we preface,
some we create the race.

passion the worlds,
passion the hearts,
passion i am part.
passion the fashion
of salvation.

Passion to life,
passion to drizzle,
passion to doodle,
passion to riddle.
passion to fiddle,
passion to rebel,
passion to mumble,
passion to humble,
passion to be able.

passion my breath,
passion my air,
passion my world,
passionate being
i am.passion for a
better day,
i can lead the way.
It is all i can say.
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