Monday, December 31, 2007

to 2008!

as the year draws close,
let us forgive our foes.
let us burn our remorse,
let us fill our owes.

as we revolve once more,
let us stick all that tore,
let us redesign what we wore,
let us not become too sore.

as we change face,
let us reinvent our race,
let us amaze,
let us stop the chase.
{with time-let us save our planet}

as the year went by,
let us give more and try,
let us not stop and sigh,
let us not cry.

as we see a new day,
let us put the past at bay,
let us join and say,
it is ours and our way!

as the first ray hits,
let us not have more fits,
[of fear and all that we fear]
let us not have riots,
let us not have fights.

as the sea churns again,
let us see beyond pain,
let not our efforts go in vain,
let us see the gain.

as the sun passes,
let us clean the winds,
let us cleanse the waters,
let us create more greens.

as the earth thinks again,
let us add to it,to gain,
let us make a harmonious reign,
[of life on the planet]
let us say we can do it again!


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