Monday, January 14, 2008

to earth

the summer winds will fly,
the earth will change flight.
as thunders roll more,
as we boil more,
the earth is ailing,
no more smooth sailing.
waters rise,
thanks to our vice.
tears become lesser,
as the earth becomes wiser-
it is a being in desperation
because of our lack of admiration.
while we are overwhelmed,
we are more poisoned.
the wailing
the twittering
the last cry -
the fog horn's cry
from earth is out,
no more we need to flout,
the laws which we rule not,
never the less are a part.
the direst hour
is not over by far,
if we don't act
and count too many a fact,
then we might be submerged
or wondrous boiled.

with passion let us,
with the sea let us,
with the sun let us,
with the wind let us,
with the sky let us,
with the fire let us,
save earth.
it needs our love
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