Monday, December 24, 2007


with inspiration each word
falls into place.
i dance to the music of silence.
Thoughts fly past,
yet i remain eyes
closed dancing to nothingness.
Each movement i feel freedom,
i let the world talk and
i talk.I sense a feeling
of leaving.I sense a return,
i sense a journey.
I see joy deep in,
i see love every where.
My emotions get charged,
my sadness gets charred.
i live in a land away,
i fill my dreams
with dreams of exotica.
I think of me,the hero,
worship myself,to
an extent,to feel
a hysteric superiority.
I see the world
through my glasses of pride,
i sense to conquer and set
out thus with a high aim.
The journey starts,
where it ends is as known
as the greatest force
in the universe,
yet we know when we
should know,for
we already know.
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