Saturday, December 22, 2007

a dream

i dream in the dark,
of thing which i was a part.
It was once so long ago,
that it has been dusted-
with only a allegro ,
showing the strains.
From the past-
beyond a de-javu.
What makes me feel
my heart and mind?
what makes me feel
that i am something
different? skin and
blood seem barriers,
which trust a ricochet
of tenacity .They take
the wind,which i dream
to be a part,they prick
away my fast and
flown air.Deep inside
there is a responsibility,
in the sojourn
to shine brighter.
yonder it maybe,
yet i can't catch ,
they still flash.
They show me horrendous
and cheerful sights-i
was a part of which?
I wish to sing the song,
i sway in the air,
savvy of the world ,
I can become lighter,
but a rainbow flashes.
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