Wednesday, September 26, 2007


when i saw the darkness
die,there i saw the sunlight.
The first ray of dawn-
the drummer to announce
the arrival of another day.

eons have passed
and so have generations,
yet there is one constant.
From here it is unperturbed .

Who is mightier i wonder,
the clouds or the sun?
where does a fable end?
when one tries to fend?

If the world was flatter,
then i would be flattered.
there it stays all day,
yet it keep moving all the way.

Every moment is watched,
and every action feared.
calculations born
to stop the eventual- death.

It can strike harder than
any creature,
it is the ultimate demon.
so is it is the adroit center.

It is the source of life,
it is the energy,
which we all crave.
it is the undiluted.

we have a mesh,
and it is growing thinner
than the flesh.
We may never see a winter.

Oh!there is too much to
say,but this is a ray.
It inspires,my
ricochet to the world.
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