Wednesday, October 3, 2007

random thoughts

please:- have a read.
to fuel my head.
and help see the world
as not laying dead.

the soft words of compassion
and the last breath of passion.
Beauty is what remains
and death is but mere transmission.
Inside there is a truth
and the world becomes mute.
Deep in ,you feel a light,
grow bigger and to fight
would be not worth while.

The spirits take you
and you fill the soul
-of the world and self.
With fresh thoughts
and blood,arise you
from the waters
that fill the remains.

every creature has a mind
and it is there-fiend
or angle is a shadow.
What lies in the dark corners?
It is for that, the light shines.
It is darkness first,
then light,
then light,
is the sigh of higher wit,
where you evolve
and boundaries dissolve.

Dissolute and precarious
-the seemingly wild nature
of life conspires with the self
to reach a higher twilight.
Every twilight
has a dawn
to follow and it is then,
after a slumber
that one is mature and fresh.

There is a language
one which has no age.
What lays ahead
and what flew fast
or crawls now,
is a mere reflection,
like the sea to the sky,
like the moon to the sun.

To know you need to go.
Go places which are beyond
the physiologies and topographies,
travel through your heart
and reach the inner layers
of the sole soul.

In the stars lie the worlds,
one among is you.
In you there are stars,
which shine at intensities
and frequencies,
which need a telescope
and that is you.

It is so finely knit,
that at times it
will be more perplexing
then summarizing.
the alacrity of one lies
in him,it is a latent
talent,which will breath
only when there is life.

When roaming around
what we profound
is the product
of dexterity
of hands that are much yours
as everyone else's.

If you see life
as a curse,
then it is a boon.
a boon-
for the fire
to burn
and churn
the spirit
to conquer.

The laughter of trees.
the fear of the unknown-
The insects who
are innocent and we
who know.Why light
the dark spots?
the hard wars fought
will remain in memory
-as a battle tale to be told.

Let us accept that faith
can easily bathe
the masses,for
it is fueled by fear.
If we were to conquer
fear,then nothing
is more severe and sever
it will our hearts and
to stand excruciation
we need belief and have
faith-in what we belief.
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