Friday, September 21, 2007

from the clouds

they fly past
my dreams and thoughts.
they trigger views
and ricochet.

up in the sky,
many shapes and sizes.
far and wide
as far i can see.

they reflect me
from deep within
i can see-
them and me.
i am there with them
and fly to through airs,
and pass many a heir.
I listen with them-to the
songs of lonely birds
and the tall trees.
I sweep with them-
the plains,valleys,
peaks and everything
in between.i let my self
be moved and sway to the
talisman of other forces.
adroitly washed i regain
my self like them ,with
my own strengths.
We laugh together,
and the secrets we hide
are fewer than nothing.
We carry our own weights
and with pomp and glory
we march the sphere.

It is our being that gives life,
it is we who are merciful.
I feel like a brother in the
midst and i fly on the ninth,
the cloud nine.
The view is so wonderous
and the laughter captivating.
It is my song,and their symphony
that the world breaths.

I wish i flew higher,
for me the sky is not farther.
for my blood the warmth
is seeing up at the
sun who holds the vertex.
What is more moving
being one with the world?
What more is beauty,
but carrying the lyrics?
the seas mime us,
and we are the alfresco.
it is our captivating
freshness that draws the
world to the heavens.
We fly we are more than
what you see.
We have hues you never see,
and our dimension is more than
what you feel.
Come let us go and
roam together,
what more is fun
than losing yourself?
finding it is the adventure
and losing it is a predicament
folly.Dance and sing
for it is long known.

There i was them
and now i am me.
Oh! i wish i knew
them more for thats
what i want to be,up
and high above the
world so high,
wishing that i was here
thinking it was better.
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