Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the light shines the brightest

raise oh!spirits,
never one is condemned
for all there is one.
Never have fear,see the
light,for all you need to
know is that there is one.
It is all just true,
no good nor bad.
What you chant is for
the inner mystic
which will help you
sing your song.
Fear not the demons
for they are nothing but
your fear.In the meter
of verse that i profound
i see a self with great
heart.Oh! valiant be you,
raise oh!spirit,its in you
just see all around you.
It is all clues that life
leaves,fear never of the
hound,face him and pound!
BRIGHTEST,nothing but it.
See it and sway with it,
no language,chains of time
or of tide will stay,
be free and step to the
tune,they will help you
raise from within.
Words are nothing but
air,hypocrites and flatters
and sycophants do none but
use their right.Feel free
and let the wind blow
as it should,sway with your
light,and feel the love and
all good.Oh!forgive and mercy
shall take you over.Thank
the stars and world,for you are
they and they you.feel the
sun and its heat,the sea
and its waves,no never is
one wrong for all are one.
You are the seas and the stars
you are the universe.What you
think is what the world
breaths,feel the energy
and light within,i say
let and be haunted by
your love.Trust yourself
and so the worlds,
have faith,hope,love
and remember
the light shines the brightest.
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