Saturday, August 25, 2007


it is all to believe
and be the belief.
try to be free,
and be what you
want to be.
Try see the best,
let the rest
be rest and keep
on the quest.
Be precise and still
wild spirited.
Be brave and make
the world feel.
Empathize and
sympathize and
be wise,overcome
vice and be right.

and complacency
and progeny.
it is all the way you
see.From within,
there is a beauty,
and there is no proxy.
Magnanimous and abstemious
atrocious and ferocious,
it is all humaness.

All we need is to believe
and have belief,
with in and the world
will turn and be what we
want it to be.Try to see
this and everything is
a wee better than what
it could be.To try and be
you and not mask it all
is the best way to keep
in the trail,to wear mask
is to attract fallacy
and is leads to atrocity.
Come let us be and turn
free,that is all there is
and ever will be.
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