Thursday, August 30, 2007


to change
to evolve
-is the ultimate .
AS every second goes
and as we make more vows
and break some more
we try to become better
trying to make it less bitter.
We learn from each verse
and each moment is a life
of experience.We feel
the need to become something
and yet be the same,we try
to make more headway
yet at times end up the same way.
We try to lie and hide
and yet finally they die
for tranquility and serene
moments that are bubble like.
We try to carve
and crave
for a better day.We zeal
our victories with pride
and yet fall short at our vice.
We try to see the world
and think all is fine
-it is,but yet we need to try
and make it more fine.
Never is perfection the ultimate
goal,yet we try and try.
We search deep within one day
and still fear the dark night.
We tug and tug with our might
and try to pull away from the
chains which bind us.Freedom,
is the stars and sky,but they too
are bound and fit in a path.
Being more adventurous
and compassionate
and divine,
is nothing more being your self.
No two people are the same,
and so no law can bind.
Yet a society is one
and so there are rules which govern.
They are mere rules
and can be broken and revised
for its nature of time and tide.
We dream of a land,where we can.
We dream of a place,a day
full of sunshine.Yet there we
starve and cry for water.
For us to see light,we need
darkness,and for darkness light.
In the sojourn of life,
everything is illusion
and to become wiser
we need to find -
to find live with it and see through it.
We are changing and evolving
at every moment each beat
is new life.We see the world
through our heart ,it is there
we seek solace and freedom.
There , there is no binding,
or dogma,For what hides
there is what we want,
if we trust the light,
it will help us realise
there is no set path.
for all the world is a way
and all the steps a leap.
Let us accept who we are,
for it is our life.
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