Tuesday, August 14, 2007

my india

it is a nation
with passion and creation.
humble definition
and vast position.
freedom with thought
and people with might
views and ideas of delight!

ravines and valleys,
hills and mountains,
deltas and plateaus,
canals and farms,
statues and monuments,
ingenious imagination
a true amalgamation.

scarred lands
and sacred rivers
great thinkers
and mere viewers.
artists and singers,
dancers and painters,
Potters and poets,
kings and leaders,
politicians and activists,
designers and creators ,
carvers and all makers
build a land with such shine-
never does one mime
with such pride a name.

mother India
a name to trust,
one so covet
and lustrous.
far and wide
east and west
the darling of a
billion with such
spirit and inspiration,
the future with such
admiration-"we can
raise and so we proved
once- and again with spirits
we shall rise and put thought
to action and action into
the creation."It is our love and
involvement and our pride
and epitomization.Like our
tiger we shall roar,like the
peacock we shall dance
and like the lotus shine!

A past so rich and fine,
times and tides the
reflect and never whine.
Gems and temples,
mosques and shrines,
skillfully cut emotions
by poise minds.
labor of generations
and sweat of life,
it is our nation,
one so alive
and up thrust and
kind to all of every kind.

I love my country,
no i can't hide.
It is so lovely and divine.
i am proud to an Indian
a true gift for all life.
It is too sweet and
nice-i feel child like.
I love all in it and all
with it.Name of centuries
imbibed in one-it is
my mother land-
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