Sunday, August 12, 2007

It took a long time for me to understand,but at last as i looked at the sea and the sky i did.
It seemed so much at an equilibrium,unspoilt from the outset by man's furore or the myths which it hid.what was so special about this seemingly calm and poise looking vast expanse?For one it seemed to be repeating itself-a perfect term for it would be a stuck up tape recorder.Yes i do understand it is trying to tell something,but why not in some other way?

then i thought about the endless destruction which it can cause.How many life did it take? If we were to believe all of reach the sea in the end,then we did.It seemed that it was angry for something.Or is it just the way it is? Will this be the tale of humans? To be swept away one fine day? When we fall upon old tales and fables,we laugh,but then , doesn't this proves that they were true?

How much power will it take man to conquer this being completely?Will he have the strength?yes there were those brave enough to venture into the unseen,but is that alone enough?

What will happen if this second,the waves rise?Will i have the ability to raise my strength and take it? Or will i panic and try to escape from the eventual?

It was just mesmerizing, i couldn't take my eyes of them,they kept beating the sand and erring it from the land mass.Its action was slow,but it was definite,it changed the look at every second,yet seemed unperturbed and lust less.How much did it care? was telling the lost secrets,which it stole from the lands? or was it reflecting the stories of the sky? or was all this just some illusion.

I didn't know and didn't care.No use trying to act like i care about anything.But i do love my fellow humans,will they know? or ignore me like so many others they have.What ever happens there will be one thing which will know-the sea.

If you ever want anything back ,which is so dear to you,ask it.Yes it is arrogant and stubborn,but apply the right kind of force,it should yield after all it too is like us.

I stare at it for the last time and move away,it took away what i had wanted but given me something else now.The fire was again lit in me.
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