Friday, August 17, 2007

a short story

i had a dream once,
i thought of it once.

Its been years since i stood on that door step and saw everything crumble.everything just broke,piece by piece.All my dedication,all my hard work,all my energy which was put into it,had all been wasted.But now as i stood and saw I had a sense of home coming.No it wasn't wasted,it did have a use.

I am back now,at the place where i started.It was familiar,though a few minor changes had taken place.I expected this.After all people learn to carry on.I had once lost everything in this threshold and now i was about reclaim everything.

once i saw it so close.
but left with remorse.
now i am ready to verbose,
to those who chose.

Yes i was back.With more experience,with more knowledge.i hope i will be able to fulfill my own short comings.This is what i think is called as life's second chance and i wasn't about to let it go.

She got up and welcomed me,it was the same voice,i was surprised, i had thought that she would have left.I questioned her and all she said was "i knew".

whatever it meant i don't know.You wonder what is all this,so am i.I have entered into the room ,where i belong again.Maybe this is y final stand.
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