Thursday, August 9, 2007

let us share


let us be friends in this crazy world.
let us be all that we want to be,
let us share and invent and rejoice.
let us create a world,let us do
what it takes to reach there.
let us make our thoughts go
wild and travel wide.Let us
lay it and feel it and implement it.
let us lend light, let us throw light,
let us share light,let us enlighten
and give it with our full will
and might.Let us sow
the seeds-of love,hope and faith,
let us create a day better than the
past.Let us be friends forever and
share our lives,let us be together.

together we can do-
all it takes to make hay
while sun shines.
All it takes to reach the
sky and far beyond.
all it takes,to give life
to all of every kind.
All it takes to make
the world smile.
All it takes to find
reason and solutions.
All it takes to fill
the gaps and open wide.
All it takes to wipe
tears of a fiend.
all it takes to epitomize
our life-together
let us share our life.

Life is where we can,
let us be passionate
and find and unwind.
We can reach the stars,
climb high and reach
higher and feel from
within and rejoice.let
us make it big and let
us be free and join
our hands and pray
within and enjoy.
let us think for the
better and make it
brighter and lighter.
come let us be together
and reach for the skies.

let us see lands,
feel the winds,
roam the seas
fly the skies
and the fires.
let us cool,
let us surf,
let us share,
let us be kind,
let us love,
let us hope,
let us be faithful
and yes,friends
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