Friday, September 7, 2007

let us

let us revisit our past and
try make our present stronger.
let us try and understand
ourselves and become fuller.
Let us see the difference
and let us see the society.
Let us access with clear
thoughts and contemplate
our views amicably
let us remove the hypocrisy
the society.

from within we are lead,
what makes a thing -
wrong or right?
who are we to propose a
dogma,what is right?
IS where others
freedom begins
ours ends?

What are boundaries
but mere illusive lines.
What makes us hide
and what makes us fear?
how to become dis-illusive
and see beyond.

Is everything a mere
mirror image?
are what we see
but reflections?
how to act and react?
what purpose do they
hold?what can kindle
the thoughts society
beholds?what is a society's
right to curtail or circumvent?
What is to be brought to
life and what has to be
buried deep inside?
Is more openness wrong?
or are we not mature
enough to know it is?
what are culture's
and what do they proclaim?
is it a duty to keep in tune?

Isn't an grotesque dance
a change from the tune?
what can we define
and what borders can we draw?
isn't every man a free
one,and why all this mêlée?

Why should we care?
why shouldn't we?
what should we care?
and what not need be?
Where is the right to breath?

changes are part of civilization
and they result in eptomization.
But what is old,has dust
it needs to be reassessed.
From old we shall draw
and create new,for a more
stronger bond,we need a
view.Let us see ,
read ,assess and come
to a point where we reach
what we want and that let
it be better for the future to check.
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