Tuesday, August 21, 2007

something which i want to say

here is something which i have written,this one is special to me.Even though it may not be complete in an order,it has something which i been wanting to say for a long time.

life is for man.
it is left for each to think and
do what they have to do.
there is no right or wrong.
all the world is a path,
and all the floors are earth.
It is left for each to choose
and each to feel,its easy
to do what we want,rather
than what others want.In the
end we turn home and find
everything as it was,and that
is the same path.memory
lanes life's vast planes,
imagination and fantasies
are all a part.It is a dream,
one so wild and untame,it is
we who know,yet not know.
It is destiny that we are
and it is that which we control.
We can reach where we want,
do what we want,the script
is written by us,and
by no one else.
The world is a mirror,it says
what we are from deep within,
people are just various beings
just like you and me.

Society is a hypocrisy
and the heart of it is insanity.
with out it,never can one be,
for life it self it is too insane.
We can think and wonder
make as big a blunder
as it is.We can choose
what we want,lead what we
can,but the path is the same,
the world is a single sphere.
there is no right nor wrong
it is all what the throng
feels.There is a you and we
and its for that a virtue.
Sufferings and offerings
tears and hugs
mind ,heart and soul.
there is no foul
its all a play.
we need to pay
nothing but just kindle
the inner thing and doodle
the world with it.phantasmagoria
is all life is,it is an exotica
and we shall lead it,
enjoy it and feel it.

the wind blows
every where we see.
the sun and the stars
shine all day long,the sea,
weaves endless amounts
of matter and life.
It is left for us to do things
and be what we want to be.
There is a sense of duty
and that is the beauty.
Embodiment of divine ,
the one spark is all
that is and will be.
All is one,yet we need
to differ.We need
to be unique
and defeat each
other,to give
and take,
we need to make
and create
a understanding,
one where feeling
all are equal
is the level.

realisation dawns,
its always there
and never created.
we may deviate
and marginalize
our own strengths
and magnify our vices.
But we should and will
return to one path.
It is to know and
wait and enjoy the dawn,
we need to live,
its easier than to survive.
happiness is always there
it is with us and everywhere.

Let us share the light
and do things with might.
Let us be brave
and forgive
and live.
the light is the brightest.
It is us and we are the mightiest.
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