Friday, July 13, 2007


As the water flowed.
I felt too moved.

It was like a river which flew.
And all seemed new.

I felt sync,with the rippling
water.It was fresh.It was
pure.It cooled.It calmed.
It is all that lay in between
man and his crazier self.It
expressed it self.It unhinged
its beauty.There i was,
a human alone,in the middle
of earth.And there it was blowing
all over.Its laugh triggered me to
follow.It provoked me to enjoy
and loose my self.It catalysed
life and death too.It mingled
with emotions and evaluated
into a sense of deja vu.It kicked high
the spirit of life.It breathed life,
into many a good life.It chattered,
like itself.IT barked like it self.
It was the base,it was the center.
All were mere viewers,all in awe
and exclamation of its power.No one
dared but me.I strolled down,
the over conceit man.Nor words
nor ammunitions can hurt.It just spoke.
I spoke.We spoke and laughed-at humans.
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