Monday, July 23, 2007

we are humans

i don't know what to say,
i fill my life with mystic inlay.
from the summer sun,
to the winter moon;
from the waves hunt,
to the fires with heat.
from the leaf of green,
to the bitter ones.
from the darkness
to the light.Why does
light shine? why does it
blur the image?why do we
follow a decorum ,a
law,a moratorium? why a
etiquette? why control?
why censorship?why not
freeness? why not freshness?
why not we go back to the
vast alferscos,which once
dotted? why is it a need
to? what is evolution?
where is the heart of the
better species? what leads?
what can move?what flowers?
what blooms? what shakes?
will the lights of present
ever reach the past?or the
future? are words that show
the advancements?why do we
set heights and cry?is it fear?
or is it to reach zenith? is to feel?
how tenacious we are?how
poignant is our past?why can't we
look back?why can't we learn?
is it hard?no doubt we are humans.
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