Friday, July 6, 2007

to humans!

like a diamond in the sky,
taking in all by surprise.
Those were the eyes,
and they spoke.Long ago,
now they were lost,
the soft voices.They whispered
once.They flouted
their language once.Now
they were all scanty
and the tantamount
effects,is a dry desert.
Heat and more heat,
the surf,of the day
lashed on.Harder
and harder,the rains
moved on.Yet we are all
too moved to worry.
As we die,we see
them go too.We see -melts.
The dirge has increased
and we honor ourselves,
for there is none left.Search
for a lost paradise,in the
depths,and the heights,
yet as a curse, burns land
and skies.Maybe,it was a
spirit,one such which
leads,and maybe it is
of human to give to
and accept,but not all is
done nor lost.From the
ashes grew the worlds,
and so from them they shall
again.AS we see ourselves,
in the mirror-time,
we lose count of the hours
and think of minutes,
those crucial ones
which lead to all in between.
In celebration,we breathed
religion and lawless decree.
We hunted down,creatures
and perished races,to the
leagues in knots as fast as
a ray.We think of all that
was exploited and of all
that was carried froth
with dubious reasons.
Of the ominous eras
which scandalized nature
and its right.We think,
of those that perspired
on before and say immoral
rights and stricken those,
which are as baseless.
We killed water.We killed air.
We cobwebbed the skies,
we carved the land,
which cried and cared.
Now in fire,we move.
nature is superior ,
she shall have her will.
She is-all is a set course.
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